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Trout Fishing For 2012 in Galveston Texas

Galveston Island in Texas is well known for its fishing. The Galveston Bay Complex is the largest estuary on the Texas gulf coast. Speckled trout is the number one game fish that is targeted in the inshore bays. Over this past winter all the oyster reefs thought the Galveston Bay Complex were closed to commercial fishermen. This should be an exceptional year for all fishing, but the speckled trout make their living feeding on shell and oyster reefs. That's why I'm looking for a stand out year for catching specks.

Live shrimp works

Story by JLP: Two days with 3 great guys. I had the pleasure of taking John and his 2 sons, Sean and Kevin, fishing on Friday and Saturday. They were here with the Home Builders Association of Louisiana. They come to Venice each year to relax and fish and have fun. John told me that his youngest son, Kevin, was 10 and he would help him fish. I decided to catch some live shrimp to help the cause. The live shrimp helped all of us. Both days we filled up the box with quality trout and both Sean and Kevin had a ball. I think John had a pretty good time, also.

whitetail in Tennessee

My name is Ricky Cates,been hunting and fishing all my life love it more than life itself!!!!!

Mouse Attack

Joshua TX - As I stooped to pick up my morning newswpaper from the driveway, a small
mouse darted out from under the paper and scurried up the pant leg of my pajamas. I quickly grabbed the wiggly little furry bulge in my pajamas and was soon able to shake the terrified little rodent back out on the driveway.

In an instant, he wheeled around and darted back up the same pant leg. Unfortunately, my irritation associated with this repeat experience has left the now lifeless mouse much less effective as bait for a hungry LMB!

Hunters taking aim at trophy elk taken in western Nebraska

Published Thursday October 9, 2008
Hunters taking aim at trophy elk in western Nebraska

Nebraska's reputation as a trophy bull elk hunting ground is taking a golden glow.