Trout Fishing For 2012 in Galveston Texas

Galveston Island in Texas is well known for its fishing. The Galveston Bay Complex is the largest estuary on the Texas gulf coast. Speckled trout is the number one game fish that is targeted in the inshore bays. Over this past winter all the oyster reefs thought the Galveston Bay Complex were closed to commercial fishermen. This should be an exceptional year for all fishing, but the speckled trout make their living feeding on shell and oyster reefs. That's why I'm looking for a stand out year for catching specks. This year should be one of our better years for fishing and I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes one of those years that we will talk about for years to come. All of our species should benefit from the closure of the oyster reefs over the entire winter. These reefs will be full of life and provide excellent food for bait fish which attract game fish. A bonus is that the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department also laid miles and miles of new shell throughout East bay and to the channel. This should also provide new life to those reefs and produce some nice catches. Just a few more reasons to head to Galveston sometime soon.

Capt. Alan