Wild Talk

A collection of critter chatter specially selected for those that cherish their adventures into the great outdoors.

These “best of the best” mp3s were gleaned from the following list of Outdoor Product Sales & Distributors, Agencies and Organizations. Please visit their sites for additional ”how and where to” information and more Wild Talk!

“Wild Talk” Source Credit List

Deer - Buck Snort
Deer - Buck Tending Grunt
Deer - Buck Tending Grunts
Deer - Bucks Sparing
Deer - Doe Bleat
Deer - Doe Grunt
Duck/Cinnamom Teal
Duck/Green Winged Teal
Duck/Mallard - Feeding Call
Duck/Mallard - Greeting Call
Duck/Mallard - Hail Call
Duck/Mallard - Lonesome Hen
Duck/Mallards (1)
Duck/Mallards (2)
Duck/Wood Duck